Buddhist Pilgrimage

following Buddha’s trail towards Liberation

a rare opportunity to release yourself from the matrix and get immersed in the (subtle) energies that were left behind by the Buddha during his search for Truth and Liberation both physically and spiritually

Pilgrimage program week 3

Day 15

A day filled with a visit to many monasteries as well as the famous Stupa. We will also visit the place where a lady named Sujata gave the rice bowl to Lord Buddha to help him have enough energy for his meditation. There is even a Stupa for her in her honour Sujata Stupa.

Day 16

Again many more monasteries to visit, all in calmness and mindfulness.

Day 17

With your knowledge of the town enjoy it at leisure, revisit what you liked most and enjoy.

Day 18

After early breakfast an excursion to Rajgir where we visit Vulture’s peak and Nalanda University the biggest ever Buddhist University which Lord Buddha founded.

There is lunch on the way and dinner in the Hotel in Bodh Gaya.

Day 19

Breakfast in Hotel. Another day in Bodh Gaya where we will practice at Mahabodhi temple which we will conclude (after Dinner) with an evening meditation, Pujja and blessing

Day 20

Transfer to airport. Flight to New Delhi and onwards to your home base

Day 21. This is your travel day and arrival at home