Buddhist Pilgrimage

following Buddha’s trail towards Liberation

a rare opportunity to release yourself from the matrix and get immersed in the (subtle) energies that were left behind by the Buddha during his search for Truth and Liberation both physically and spiritually

Pilgrimage program week 1

Day 1

This is your travel day to get to Kathmandu

Day 2

Upon arrival in Kathmandu, you’ll be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel. In the evening, we will have an introductory meeting in the Lobby with all pilgrims/ travelers at the hotel followed by a buffet dinner. Stay overnight in Kathmandu. Try to sleep early to get rid of jet lag.

Day 3

After breakfast leave by mini bus for Patan

5 km south of the capital city in the Kathmandu valley, Patan is traditionally known as Lalitpur (City Of Beauty). The locals also call Patan by its Newari name, Yala. It is the oldest city in the valley. You can walk around and enjoy or stay with Sri to discover places here. It is an architectural treasure. There will be a set time when we gather again to leave for Kathmandu. There we will have a typical Nepalese lunch. After this there is a chance to visit the Thamel street area, quite a tourist hot spot but a place to find your singing bowls, vajra bells, tangkha and other intrinsique objects etc. We will have time to fresh up and after that eat to go out in the evening, finally, to Boudhanath stupa.

Follow the monks path as you circle the giant stupa clockwise while spinning the prayers wheels. Enter the stupa and climb up to the white dome for a view of the entire square. As it´s evening we´ll see hundreds of candles being lit around it. We will do our own Pujja (ceremony). Visit one of the many gompas in the area including Tamang gompa opposite the stupa where there’s a giant prayer wheel and a balcony area overlooking the stupa. After that return to Hotel for a well deserved rest.

Day 4

The next day, after breakfast, we have the possibility to visit the Pagoda by day or wonder a bit more around the city. There are many other sites to see in this wonderful town.


Day 5

After breakfast we check out and leave for the airport and a short flight to Lumbini (the Birth Place of Lord Buddha). There we will be picked up and transferred to our Hotel. We will do a little drive around the heritage site and get a feel of the lay-out of this friendly city.

Day 6

After breakfast in the Hotel. The entire day we will have time to enjoy this wonderful site where there are many temples of the different Buddhist traditions.

We also make a short boat ride on a canal towards the Shanti Pagoda (The peace Pagoda). There will be a meditation and dedication near the original site where the Buddha was said to have been born. Evening diner at a Restaurant.

Day 7

After Early Breakfast we will start moving towards the border to enter India (This is where you will need your visa for India, make sure you have this!) the drive is supposed to be a total of 4 ½ hours but nothing is sure in these places. Upon arrival we will go to the site where Lord Buddha entered Paranippanna (Ultimate dying) in Kushinagar we shall join in to place a cloth on the statue of Lord Buddha as a mark of respect. We will reflect a bit inside the shrine and move outside to enjoy the grounds and have a meditation upon our own impermanence. Then we’ll go to the Hotel for check in, freshen up and Dinner.