Buddhist Pilgrimage

Due to the current circumstances, the pilgrimages are cancelled until further notice

following Buddha’s trail towards Liberation

a rare opportunity to release yourself from the matrix and get immersed in the (subtle) energies that were left behind by the Buddha during his search for Truth and Liberation both physically and spiritually

About 2400 years ago there was this man. His name was Prince Siddhārtha Gautama (सिद्धार्थ गौतम). He was raised by his sister, had three palaces and was surrounded by all of the luxury one could imagine of in those days. However, when he was 29 years old he was confronted with sickness, a crippled old man and death. This made him very upset because he realized that old age, sickness and death would come to everyone he loved and he had no way of protecting them from this. Shortly after this, he walked past a meditator who was in deep absorption. He stopped, and in a flash he realized that the solution he was looking for must be within the mind itself. He knew that he had to experience this for himself for the betterment of all.

Secretly, he left his royal responsibilities and his family behind and set off alone into the forest. This took him six years in which he met with many meditation teachers who imparted their techniques on him. But he was still not happy as he did not find his answer yet.

When he arrived at Bodhgaya, he decided to stay in meditation until he had found the answer to that burning question on how to end suffering for all beings. He wanted to know what the true nature of the mind was. This took him six days and nights and on the full moon day of May, he attained enlightenment. He finally experienced the all-encompassing here and now beyond time and space and he became that one radiant state of inner bliss, timeless, the all-pervading consciousness. He finally found his answer. After this, he travelled for more than 40 years throughout Northern India.

And here we are now many years later. His legacy is still vibrant and alive, as it was back then and so are his teachings. One could argue what the advantage of it is right now for our own inner development. Let me tell you this: there is no coincidence in life, just as it is no coincidence that you are reading this right now. Just as Buddha answered to that inner call that made him realize that he had to change his life around, so are you encouraged by your inner calling to follow your destiny, regardless of where that may lead you. Many people who come at the verge of a significant breakthrough are being offered opportunities by the Inner Universe that can speed up the needed processes in a tremendous way.

This Pilgrimage, also in honour of the Buddha, is just doing that for you. It brings you to places that were very significant in the whole running up towards Buddha’s enlightenment. It gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the energetic footprint that the Buddha left behind on his trail, to soak it all in and to experience first-hand what being in those places did to the Buddha. This Pilgrimage is thus a rare opportunity to give your spiritual development a tremendous boost.

Your guiding friend will be Sri Annatta. It was this restlessness that kept him moving and moving and searching and searching. This is something he started in 1974, answering to that inner call. After all those years, he wholeheartedly can say that the Path of the Buddha provides the best options for someone to get liberated from the bondage and cycles of suffering. He personally experienced in his life how it is to be free and how it brought bliss, a deep inner peace and at the same time the power that is in Metta (Loving Kindness).  

This means that he is not a tour operator of some kind (although he has a vast historical knowledge as well an in-depth knowledge and insight in the Dhamma). He followed Buddha in his trail multiple times over a long period of time throughout the years. He knows precisely where to bring you in order to get the most out of your (inner) journey. He is someone you can rely on as he has realized his Inner Path in this way a number of year ago and he knows as no other the importance of these travels and how beneficial a Pilgrimage of this kind can be.

So….. are you a Buddhist, or feel like a Buddhist or always have been sincerely interested in Buddhism? Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure to Nepal and India and visit the holy sites associated with the Buddha’s life? Maybe you would like to deepen your connection with the Buddha and his teachings, or just find out what Buddhism is all about. Sri invites you to join him on this beautiful journey, saving you the hassle and many frustrations in finding the right locations. It provides you with the opportunity to just focus and enjoying your own realizations.

This is a transformational tour for beginners as well as advanced practitioners alike. You will be able to make it your own personal pilgrimage. You will meditate on the same places where the Buddha has been meditating. How wonderful is this. Just try to imagine….The accommodations have been carefully chosen. Hot showers, clean rooms and proper travel arrangements. Sri does not take large groups. The maximum is 8 people only. This guarantees proper personal guidance and ample time to ask questions. There will be Q&A sessions as well as Dhamma talks and guided meditations. There will be more than enough time for your own explorations and discoveries. There is no rush to get through the program. All the ingredients are there to make this an unforgettable journey with like-minded people, each on their own Path.

Do you experience that inner call as well? Do you just know that you have to take action and move towards that next step? Please, contact me. I am looking forward to hear your story. My email is sriannatta@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT: Sri Annatta is NOT a tour guide nor is he running a tour company. This journey is a worthwhile opportunity to travel with like-minded friends to well-known and not-so-known places…..

Costs: 2100 Euro, including all cost from the moment you arrive in Kathmandu. This price is based on sharing the room (seperate beds).  What is not included: the journey from your home country, the tips you give, your shopping and any extra food.

On the following pages you can get a taste of how the journey will look like. This is however not a fixed program. Changes for the better are always possible. Just click on the blue text buttons below…

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