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What is the Maîtri Mêtta Project?

Some years ago a Thai national came to the house of Sri. He told Sri that he had a dream. He had a piece of land and in that dream he was told to offer it to Sri for a very reasonable price for whatever purpose he would need it for. Sri did not know yet what that purpose would be, but over the years he had learned to listen to those kind of signals.

After that, it became clear that he wanted to establish the Maîtri Mêtta project there.

This all sounds great Sri, but what is this all about? The project is a gathering place of all the wisdom from all (non-) imaginable philosophies and religions, none excluded. A place where it comes all together: the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown. A place where one has the opportunity to sync the outer reality of life to one’s inner reality…… the reality of the heart. A place to initiate a positive transformation for the betterment of oneself and humanity. A place where one can just be without the pressure and hassle of the outer world, a resting place for your heart, your body and your soul. A place to come and take refuge and have time to reflect, deepen your practice, relax and enjoy. A place to rejuvenate, get energized and gain clarity. A beautiful piece of nature located on the edge of the Himalayas in North Thailand.

Since the construction of the project started, Sri has planted more than 2000 trees and plants. Everything is done in a sustainable way, respecting the old tradition and the earth.

In the future there will be about 12 Ghuti’s. These are little houses made of brick, each with a private bathroom, but no luxurious interior. It means that during your stay at the project, you have your own place with plenty of privacy. Ghuti’s are still being used nowadays by the monks of the Thai Forest Tradition, but there they are little huts built in the middle of the forests, in order to give the opportunity to be one with the elements of nature.  

Further you will find at the project calm meditation trails to walk, a meditation space, a crystal Buddha cave and a dark, cool room for deep profound experiences. There will also be a communal kitchen where one can learn to create wonderful vegan meals as well as preparing a nice, simple breakfast in the way they like it.

There will be held monthly retreats here, both given by Sri and others. There is also the opportunity for you to come here with your guests and give your own retreat.

There is a deeper hidden meaning behind the name of the project. Maîtri and Mêtta both mean Loving Kindness in Sanskrit and Pali respectively. The combination of Maîtri/Mêtta can form the word Maîtreya which is the designated name of the future historic Buddha who will, as told by Buddha Shakyamuni, come from the WEST. His approach will be to go back to the roots. A new time and a new era.  Practice. Practice. Practice. Not too much reciting and reading. Go deep inside. No praying for worldly things. No idolizing of anything. Everyone has Buddha nature and therefore everyone can attain Enlightenment. Self-attainment is not done through  any outside force.

Sri embraces this vison. Also, based on his many years of experience and travels, Sri likes to call his practices a form of ‘’Binduïsm’’, for lack of a better word. It does not deny a godly power, nor does it give away our responsibility to anything outside of ourselves. As Buddha said  after all: “I am the owner of my created energy/ actions (kamma), heir to my created energy/ actions, born of my created energy/ actions, related through my created energy/ actions, and have my actions as my arbitrator. Whatever I do, for skilful or unskilful, to that will I be the heir”.

The Maîtri Mêtta project is not a commercial venture as it is meant to be accessible to ALL through very reasonable prices for the guests and friends on the Path. Neither is it some sort of a cult where the attendees are being squeezed out of their money (and more spiritually). This means however that your help is needed to realize this project and construction of the infrastructure. To give you an idea. Building a Ghuti costs around 4100 Euro (guideline). Below is a special bank number for those who are willing/able to help to manifest this project into reality. For those who donate a Ghuti (alone or with someone else), there are special benefits. If you want to know more about these, best ask Sri by email:

TW account holder Peter Albert Nicolas van Loo
IBAN  BE94 9670 1439 9614
Address TransferWise Europe SA
Avenue Marnix 13-17 Brussels 1000 Belgium

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Lord Buddha asked his son who had become a monk: “What do you think, Rahula: What is a mirror for?”  Rahula: “For reflection, sir.” Lord  Buddha: “In the same way, Rahula, bodily acts, verbal acts, and mental acts are to be done with repeated reflection.