lineage sri annatta

Krubaa Chantarang Sri Pikul (Krubaa Sak)

Sri Annatta’s lineage is twofold. It started out in Tibet with a famous yogi (Tulku) there during his time in the caves and after that he connected with an important lineage of the Forest Tradition in Asia. These wondeful monks in the lineage of that Forest Tradition are Krubaa Sri Vichai and Krubaa Khao Phi, Krubaa Dhammachai and Luang Phoo Waen, Krubaa Lha and Krubaa Duang Dee with Krubaa Noi and then onto Kruba Chantarang Sri Pikul. Also, he has been taught by the much revered Buddhadassa Bhikku and Luang Phoo Cha.

His main teacher all those years since 1984 is Kruba Chantarang Sri Pikul. This is a monk in the Forest Tradition and a great Vippassana Khammathaan master. Whilst travelling with his teacher he met, and would later continue to do so, the teacher of his teacher: Krubaa Lha Tha Thip (Tha Thip meaning with an all seeing eye). Then he also met Kruba Noi of Wat Baan Pong in Mae Taeng and Kruba Dhammachai (very lucky because he died soon after). All incredible teachers and all in the lineage of the Khammathaan and Mêtta (loving kindness) Tradition. 

Luang Phoo Waen

Krubaa Khao Phi

Most of these monks became betweeen 90 to even 108 years old. Krubaa Chantarang Sri Pikul is still alive and well and can be visited at the Wat Koo Tao temple in Chiang Mai. What all of these men had in common is that they had a strong vow to do this for the good of all mankind and by making this vow it caused them to stay alive and not to immediately pass on after their insights.

During his stay in Nepal and Tibet he felt a strong urge to find his teachers of old, but he did not find them there, although he did find remnants of the old teachings. He had those recurring memories and they did not leave him alone. In the end, they ‘encouraged’ him to go to Thailand, where he ended up in Chiang Mai in Wat Koo Tao where he met his teacher Kruba Chantarang Sri Pikul and he finally was at peace. He found where he had to be at that moment in time. Under the guidance of his teacher, he became a monk there for a while, learned the Thai language, gained much insight in the Dhamma teachings and lived the strict life of a monk in the Thai Forest Tradition

Krubaa Noi

Krubaa Lhaa (Taa Thip)

”So… why is all of this then so important.

Since the time of the Buddha, the tradition always has been that the (meditation) teachings were given oral or through direct transmission between the teacher and the student (mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart). Lineage is there to ensure that the teachings are authentic and keep their potency and that the teachers stick to them. But there is another issue. Apart from the lineage, a teacher needs a proven and tested spiritual presence and a genuine spiritual realization. Only this means that they are a true lineage holder and pass on that where it is all about. It means that that person has realized and dwells within the truth of emptiness, unconditional love, compassion, oneness and steadfast awareness. Only such a person is able to impart an authentic transmission of the teachings. A meditation teacher is not only for learning how to practice, but also for learning how to ”breath” it, how to live it.


Krubaa Dhammachai

Krubaa Sri Vichai

Krubaa Dang Dee

Buddhadassa Bhikku

Luang Phoo Cha

Sri Annatta is on this path since 1974 and started the journey towards the old lineage since 1981. He has been a monk in the Thai Forest Tradition. He visits frequently those places that were important for the enlightenment of the Buddha, immersing himself in that what the Buddha has left there. He dwells monthly for a while in the forests of Thailand and Burma in the tradition of the wandering Forest monks. He is encouraged by his teacher to be a lineage holder and a meditation teacher. He walks his talk. But, above all, he is a true friend for those walking on Path towards enlightenment, for those that make the vow to use their development for the better of mankind.

Because of his experiences and his studies and the creation of his Maîtri Mêtta Insight Centre (MMIC), he has realized that even Buddhism needs a renaissance and that that is probably what the Maitreya will be all about: a renaissance to revive Buddhism and go back to its roots. Less rituals, less endless chanting, more meditation and insight in the present moment with lots of blissfulness and especially: non dogmatic, playful and focused on the possibility to realize true happiness, right now. Using all methods that work for the modern person and not being attached to any specific form of Buddhism nor any superstition.  Not in order to make people convert from any religion but to assist them in gaining insight NOW. It is not far away, it was always there, you just did not know where to look.