Inviting Sri Annatta

Throughout the years Sri has developed a method to engage his audience in a very effective way for maximum results and developing inner potential. Sri is a perfect fit for those who are organizing their own retreats or courses. He is able to give talks about nearly every spiritual subject as well as meditations, mantra chanting and Dharma talks for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.  His practices have been highly influenced by Buddhist and Hinduist teachers, he is not bound to whatever religious doctrine, which means that he operates from a very wide scope of options, material and choices for his classes, workshops and retreats. Part of his success is his ability to work with groups from an ‘outside the box’ approach, tailored to that what is needed within the group. He has been teaching so far in England, Ireland, Burma, The Netherlands, Germany, Thailand and India.

Please, contact him directly to see what he can do for your centre/organization as well as for rates and expenses. A part of the proceedings will be donated to various charities. His email is