About health: the vision of Sri

We live in a constantly changing world, where we are increasingly confronted with all kinds of aspects that can affect our health. Unfortunately, “regular medicine” pays little attention to this in their profession. You might wonder why we write it this way. Because nowadays it is a bit an upside-down world: What we call regular medicine is actually chemical medicine, often consisting of combating symptoms and combating disease with incomprehensible, chemical and dangerous agents. That why we put it to you that regular medicine is natural medicine. To fully comprehend this, one needs an understanding about the functioning of the human body, the mind and the environment in which one finds oneself.

Nutrition. One of the most important things to remember is: You are what you eat, you become what you eat, you create this body through what you put into it.

 We often look at healthy food in a way that is based mainly on the financial aspect, while forgetting that the products that have been properly grown contain much more of the healthy substances and that we’ll NEED LESS. We are also often guided by “What we like”. Our preferences, created over time. Unfortunately, this perception of preference is created by the time and the regularity by which we eat something. A good example is sugar. The more we eat it, the more our brains give the signal that we need it. The striking thing about sugars is that they send a signal of hunger, faster than other, healthy products. Why do you think Fast Food chains offer a large glass of sugar filled soda drinks with their buckets of “food”?The more products you eat with flavor enhancers, the more you get “calluses on your tongue” and other healthy natural products no longer taste good. Hence if you start a new food pattern / lifestyle it is a good idea to start with some fasting and de-tox. 

Meat (at least that’s what we like to call it hence distancing us from the fact that we eat living sentient beings; we never say: I’m going to eat a piglet, I’m going to eat a calf, I’m going to eat a lamb. We like to call it cutlet, ham, salami, mutton, sausage, hare, pâté) it contains a lot of hormones, antibiotics, gets irradiated, has added colouring, and has high levels of adrenaline because they KNOW that they will be slaughtered (remember, they are sentient beings). Furthermore, our system is not prepared to digest meat, and certainly not in large quantities.  

Did you know that beef is not digested? It just rots in the body and gets secreted after 24 hours. So it also takes quite a long time to digest and causes us to use energy in this process, whereas what food should actually cause is to produce energy to sustain the body and mind. Suddenly stopping your meat eating habit is also not a good idea. You have to eat properly and find out what you can eat in order to get everything the body needs in terms of vitamins and minerals, so you read up and research first. And slowly move towards a healthier pattern. 

Eating healthy products creates a healthy stomach and intestinal system, provides energy and it has now (finally) been proven that it has a positive effect on your mental state. It has been found that many depressions and the like stem from problems in the stomach and intestinal tract, but what does regular medicine do? Provide pills so that you observe and notice even less; you become numb. All signals from the body and mind are indications and signposts that we need to listen to carefully so that we can become and remain healthy. 

Especially the stomach and intestinal (natural bacterial with probiotics) culture, blood values, and possible addition of minerals are important to keep this body in a perfect, powerful state for as long as necessary in this earthly existence.

The solution for diseases and problems is never just one  simple addition (which you might sometimes see on the internet) but usually a system of multiple adjustments in diet and lifestyle. We call these protocols.  

Sri writes them for free for anyone who would like them with the clear indication: I WOULD DO IT Like this. So his advice is not as a physician or as a prescription, but from the idea how he would deal with it himself. In the end, everything remains your own responsibility. TAKE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY.

Environmental factors. Environmentally disturbing factors for the body are rampant. Unfortunately, this can be a very wide range of factors nowadays. It may be what has been sprayed on your food. You may live in an area where chemicals or heavy metals are in the airborne(or at your workplace). It is even possible that high electricity values ​​are being emanated. There might be lots of WiFi signals, an array of telephone signals, radiation and signal masts, chemicals might be in the ground, pesticides in the environment, light emanating radiation, increased concentrations of radioactive radiation or air pollution. But strikingly enough, a nasty environment (difficult neighbors, family) can also have an effect on this. Various solutions are available for all these situations, ranging from meditation to cleansing cures, detox and shielding you from the negative radiation. It is therefore important to first take a good and honest look at this. Check out your environment.

Hazardous products. Lots of products that we did not know have a negative effect on us. For example, we think that Fluor is healthy. Probably good for our teeth. But Fluorine causes calcification of the pineal gland and therefore makes us less aware and ultimately (together with heavy metals) has an effect on creating and causing diseases such as Parkinson’s and dementia. Deodorant containing all kinds of negative products such as parabens and aluminum chloride (cancer agents). Talcum powder (especially used by adults but even for babies!) has nasty consequences for both the skin and the ovaries. White disposable diapers, but also toilet paper and ladies bandages are white because of the chlorine, a proven chemical-toxic substance with many negative consequences. The amalgam fillings for teeth cause (slow) mercury poisoning, which in turn has an effect on anemia, leukemia, parkinsonism, and dementia. We are increasingly forced as sheep to behave in certain ways and adjust to Government directives, because otherwise, supposedly, we’re not good parents. Such as, just for instance rubbing ourselves and our children with sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the more chance of skin cancer, the more zinc oxide it contains. Better to spread coconut oil with a natural oil additive (you could add lavender or chamomile and Shea butter) The list goes on endlessly. Are you not sure? Feel free to ask. There are a few simple methods to get these substances out of your system, once you’ve decided to stop taking them.

Deficits that arise in the body, which often have to do with our lifestyle, age or predisposition. For example, it is possible that due to a lot of stress, worries, depression you get heart problems, breathing problems, high blood pressure, inflammation, anxiety attacks and weight gain. Due to the breathing problems (and not knowing how to adjust these by Yoga breathing techniques) all kinds of other problems can arise such as a depleted oxygen level (cancer has the highest chance of developing in a low oxygen environment, high sugar and low Ph value). Here too there is a solution for everything, through certain specific techniques, meditation, mantras (Yes, MANTRAS help with this) Hatha Yoga and breathing techniques. It can also help to administer substances that are lacking in the system. It is important to know what and how much. We can supplement anything and even easily increase our Ph levels ​​by simple means. The great thing is that they are just available and certainly not expensive. Sri does not sell anything so you do not have to order anything through him. He will never advise you to stop other treatments, that is always your choice.

Proper breathing. Proper breathing prevents many problems. This allows us to increase our oxygen content, become calmer in difficult situations and “breathe away” problems.

Movement is an important facet. Usually we think about heavy sports practice or going to a Gym, but often just frequent walking or doing some stretching exercises is enough. Yoga is also movement in a state of present moment awareness. According to Sri, it is much better to walk a little after meditation in the morning and do the same before going to sleep (but after eating) than all kinds of difficult sports. Prefer to do calm, relaxing but very conscious and mindful exercises.

Meditation. We can achieve incredible effects in our system through meditation. This has now been proven by testing the brain waves of people meditating as well as what happens in the metabolism of the system during meditation. In addition, there are special techniques for peace, tranquility, insight, health, happiness, etc. etc., all of which have a positive effect on the system. Some can be found on the <YouTube> channel of Sri Annatta.