Emergency Fundraising Appeal

URGENT!!!!! We need your help to continue with the project and to care for all those animals that find their way to us…..

Please, help us to help them…..

As you all know I cannot come to Europe for giving workshops and healings due to Covid-19 restrictions, This means that I have no income and am fully depending on the donations that people give. However, since the start of the pandemic many people around here have abandoned their dogs and these dogs seem to have a ‘nose’ for it in finding us as their sanctuary. At this moment we are looking after around 25 dogs. This puts a huge strain on our very limited financial resources as we have to not only provide food, but also we pay the bills for their medical expenses. Apart from the dogs, we also take care of wounded animals that we come across in the area (from birds to squirrels and anything in between).

All of this comes on top of running the project and the further development of it.

Another priority for us is having our own water well. This needs to be drilled and this operation, including the necessary fittings costs around 4000 euro. At the moment we purchase the water and it is delivered to us in batches of around 15.000 litres each time. This quantity lasts for about two weeks. It is a very expensive and environmentally unfriendly process.

So then…… what are we doing with your donations:

-the main priority is food, shelter, water and medical care for the animals

-running the project. For further information about the project, please have a look <here>

-with sufficient funding, the drilling and installation of our own water supply

We count on you! Please, help us to help them….. Grateful for your contributions…..

Our bank details are:

TW account holder Peter Albert Nicolas van Loo

IBAN  BE94 9670 1439 9614


Address TransferWise Europe SA

Avenue Marnix 13-17 Brussels 1000 Belgium