Private retreat with Sri Annatta

This is an unique opportunity for a private retreat with Sri Annatta.

There are many reasons one can think of to choose for a private retreat. A private retreat for you and/or a small group of friends can be an ideal solution if you want to speed up your spiritual progress but you have your private reasons not to do this within the setting of a group with people you don’t know. A tailor-made approach by Sri Annatta brings you there where you can benefit the most. He is well established in Chiang Mai and the wider surroundings, knows a lot of special places, caves and monasteries with advanced monks who are always willing to see you, talk with you and bless you. A practical approach where it is all about you and having unforgettable experiences, meetings and developments….

The costs are 100 euros per session, plus a voluntarily contribution to keep the project running and for the support of the animals we are looking after. 

Please, contact Sri at for further details