Buddhist Pilgrimage

following Buddha’s trail towards Liberation

a rare opportunity to release yourself from the matrix and get immersed in the (subtle) energies that were left behind by the Buddha during his search for Truth and Liberation both physically and spiritually

achaan’s 70th year birthday celebration <click here>

On the video page there are two new video’s from Sri regarding the COVD-19 outbreak <click here>

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This site is the virtual home of Sri Annatta. Here you will find all the news and updates about Sri’s activities, announcements, upcoming events and journeys around the globe as well nuggets of Wisdom and the latest YouTube video’s.

Sri is looking for a publisher for his book ‘Journey to Mêtta‘ in the English language. Information? read <here>

Een artikel in het Boeddistisch Dagbld door Sri Annatta, <lees hier>

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Sri Annatta is a teacher, a mystic, a yogi, a healer, a facilitator & co-creator and above all, a friend – a fellow traveler on the Path on which one can rely. He has that drive, love and compassion  within to help others as much as he can to find true happiness and liberation, to be detached from all those issues that create suffering. He has been living in Asia for over 30 years and has been teaching about Buddhism and Inner Wisdom for over 35 years now. For more information about Sri Annatta, <click here>

International Announcements

Coming soon. Further information about an upcoming pilgrimage to Nepal and India. Sri Annatta invites you to join him on this special journey. Since 1983, he has been visiting frequently those sites where the Buddha has been. Because of this, he knows precisely where to bring you in order for you to create that special immersing experience. <read here for more info about this pilgrimage>


Nederlands Nieuws

Voor het volledige programma van Sri <lees hier>

Zet vast in je agenda. Sri komt weer naar Nederland. De volgende 3-daagse is gepland op 27, 28 en 29 Maart 2020…..

Er is een nieuwe Boeddhistische reis gepland voor eind October 2020. <Lees hier verder>

NIEUW: Heart Donations…

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Deutsche Nachrichten

Sri Annatta kommt nach Deutschland in März 2020. Weitere Informationen <finden Sie hier.>

Auch gibt es dort Informationen uber die bevorstehende Reise nach Nord Thailand in Oktober 2020

welcome video English

welcome video Nederlands

Sri Annatta is for me a dear friend on the Path. In this life-cycle, since 1983 until now, our journey together has been inspiring, filled with bliss and gratitude. He has this urge to make all Dhamma understandable for all people. When he became a monk, I gave him the name Dhammawaroo (he who knows the Dhamma). As his student, you will find it a joy how he guides you to that place of remembrance and recognition of that what is your original Path is. 
Kruba Phra Phat Chantarang Sri Pikul

Abbot of Wat Koo Tao, Chiang Mai

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